Pointing the way to a low emissions agriculture

Increasing awareness of Climate Change and the Climate Change Challenge is one of the key priorities for the National Rural Network.

The Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 (RDP) plays a pivotal role in providing funding for resource efficiency in agriculture.  Through the provision of funding and grants the RDP aims to address key issues and implement actions in a bid to halt and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Funding is provided for measures in schemes such as the:

  • Green Low-carbon Agri-environmental Scheme (GLAS);
  • Organic Farming Scheme (OFS);
  • Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Schemes (TAMSII);
  • Beef Data Genomics Programme (BDGP);
  • Knowledge Transfer Scheme (KT); and
  • European Innovation Partnerships for Agriculture Productivity & Sustainability (EIP-Agri).

These schemes promote climate friendly agricultural practices, encourage more efficient use of nutrients, resulting in lower use of artificial fertiliser and in turn reduced run-off from the land leading to improved water quality. Implementing on-farm efficiencies contribute to reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions from agriculture.

The National Rural Network have teamed up with Teagasc ConnectEd, Dairy Sustainability Ireland and Food & Drinks Ireland Skillnet to host a series of Sign Post Webinars to point agri-professionals towards an understanding of how and why we need to reduce GHG emissions from agriculture.

You can watch / review each of the webinars below, as and when they become available.


Download Webinar 1 presentation here.


Download Webinar 2 presentation here.


Download Webinar 3 presentation here.


Download Webinar 4 presentation here.


Download Webinar 5 presentation here.


Download Webinar 6 presentation here.


Download Webinar 7 presentation (2 parts) here and here.



Download Webinar 8 presentation here.