Pointing the way to a low emissions agriculture

Increasing awareness of Climate Change and the Climate Change Challenge is one of the key priorities for the National Rural Network.

The Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 (RDP) plays a pivotal role in providing funding for resource efficiency in agriculture.  Through the provision of funding and grants the RDP aims to address key issues and implement actions in a bid to halt and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Funding is provided for measures in schemes such as the:

  • Green Low-carbon Agri-environmental Scheme (GLAS);
  • Organic Farming Scheme (OFS);
  • Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Schemes (TAMSII);
  • Beef Data Genomics Programme (BDGP);
  • Knowledge Transfer Scheme (KT); and
  • European Innovation Partnerships for Agriculture Productivity & Sustainability (EIP-Agri).

These schemes promote climate friendly agricultural practices, encourage more efficient use of nutrients, resulting in lower use of artificial fertiliser and in turn reduced run-off from the land leading to improved water quality. Implementing on-farm efficiencies contribute to reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions from agriculture.

The National Rural Network have teamed up with Teagasc ConnectEd, Dairy Sustainability Ireland and Food & Drinks Ireland Skillnet to host a series of Sign Post Webinars to point agri-professionals towards an understanding of how and why we need to reduce GHG emissions from agriculture.

You can watch / review each of the webinars below, as and when they become available.

2021 Webinars:


Supporting Presentations / Documents

Week 1 – NFGWS Drinking Water Source Protection Pilot Project – Phase 2 by Patrick McCabe & Sean Corrigan, National Federation of Group Water SchemesWatch HereDownload Webinar 1 presentations here and here.
Week 2 – AgClimatise by Dale Crammond, Department of Agriculture Food and the MarineWatch HereDownload Webinar 2 presentation here.
Week 3 – Organic Farming – Steps to on-farm conversion and opportunities by Elaine Leavy, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 3 presentation here.
Week 4 – Development of strategies to reduce methane emissions from agriculture by Sinead Waters, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 4 presentation here.
Week 5 – Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions – New Zealand’s Story by Sinead Leahy, New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre (NZAGRC)Watch HereDownload Webinar 5 presentation here.
Week 6 -Protected Urea: A Research Update by Patrick Forrestal, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 6 presentation here.
Week 7 – The Signpost Farm Programme: Teagasc Campaign for Climate Action by Tom O’Dwyer, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 7 presentation here.
Week 8 – The Impact of Climate Change on Smallholder Food Production in the Tropics BY Paul Wagstaff, Self Help AfricaWatch HereDownload Webinar 8 presentation here.
Week 9 – Approach to Sustainability at Carbery by Enda Buckley Carbery Co-op Watch HereDownload Webinar 9 presentation here.
Week 10 – Low Impact Weed Control – Protecting Drinking Water Sources by John Keogh, Animal & Plant Health Association (APHA) Watch HereDownload Webinar 10 presentation here.
Week 11 – Multi-species mixtures increase yields and resilience to drought, with lower nitrogen inputs by John Finn, Teagasc  Watch HereDownload Webinar 11 presentation here.
Week 12 – Working with farmers to improve water quality by Noel Meehan, ASSAP Programme Manager and Edward Burgess, ACP Specialist AdvisorWatch HereDownload Webinar 12 presentation here.
Week 13 – Multispecies Swards – sward and animal performance under reduced nitrogen fertiliser inputs by Dr. Helen Sheridan and Prof Tommy Boland Watch HereDownload Webinar 13 presentations here and here.
Week 14 – Climate Mitigation Options through Afforestation by Tom Houlihan Teagasc and Dr. Kevin Black Forestry, Environmental Research and Services (FERS) Coming SoonDownload Webinar 14 presentations here and here.
Week 15 – Context, Measurement, and Mitigation of methane emissions in Irish dairy systems by Laurence Shalloo, Ben Lahart & Katie Starsmore, Teagasc Coming SoonDownload Webinar 15 presentations here, here and here.
Week 16 – The BRIDE Project, Results-based Payments and how farmers can be rewarded for environmental improvement by Donal Sheehan, BRIDE Project Coming SoonDownload Webinar 16 presentation here.
Week 17 – Water Quality – National problems, local solutions by Jenny Deakin, EPA Coming SoonDownload Webinar 17 presentation here.
Week 18 – Agri-food Strategy 2030 – The Environmental Ambition by Tom Arnold, Chair of the 2030 Agri-Food Strategy Committee Coming SoonDownload Webinar 18 presentation here.
Week 19 – Water Quality: the challenge of understanding and valuing it! by Bernie O’Flaherty, LAWPROComing SoonDownload Webinar 19 presentation here.
Week 20 – Celebrating our biodiversity and motivating farmers to address the climate and biodiversity emergency by Dr Brendan Dunford, Manager of The Burren Programme Coming SoonDownload Webinar 20 presentation here.
Week 21 – Renewable gas and the Mitchelstown Central Grid Injection facility by Niamh Gillen, Innovation Engineer and Yvette Jones, Renewable GAS Project Manager Gas Networks IrelandComing SoonComing Soon
Week 22 – Farmland Birds and the Birds of Conservation Concern in Ireland by Dr Anita Donaghy, Head of Species and Land Management, Birdwatch Ireland 
Coming SoonDownload Webinar 22 presentation here.


2020 Webinars


Supporting Presentations / Documents

Week 1 – Greenhouse Gases – Why all the Fuss? by Philip O’Brien, EPAWatch HereDownload Webinar 1 presentation here.
Week 2 – Reducing GHG Emissions in Irish Agriculture by John Muldowney, DAFMWatch HereDownload Webinar 2 presentation here.
Week 3 – Options to Reduce GHGs (The GHG MACCs) by Gary Lanigan, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 3 presentation here.
Week 4 – Feeding Management for Productive Ruminants by Dr Joe Patton, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 4 presentation here.
Week 5 – Land Management- Drainage / Water Table Control by Pat Tuohy, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 5 presentation here.
Week 6 – Maintaining the Derogation by Jack Nolan, DAFMWatch HereDownload Webinar 6 presentation here.
Week 7 – Reducing Slurry Emissions by Dr David Wall & Mark Plunkett, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 7 presentation (2 parts) here and here.
Week 8 – Use of Protected Urea by Dr Patrick Forrestal & Dr David Wall, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 8 presentation here.
Week 9 – Low Carbon Dairy Farming by James Humphreys, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 9 presentation here.
Week 10 – Water Quality in Ireland; Where to from here? by Jenny Deakin, EPAWatch HereDownload Webinar 10 presentation here.
Week 11 – Nitrogen- Interactions with soil and water by Dr Karl Richards, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 11 presentation here.
Week 12 – Phosphorus- Interactions with soil and water by Dr Karen Daly, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 12 presentation here.
Week 13 – Protecting Nitrogen and Phosphorus inputs on farms by Dr David Wall & Mark Plunkett, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 13 presentation here.
Week 14 – The Positive Role of Farm Forests in GHG Mitigation by Tom Houlihan, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 14 presentation here.
Week 15 –  The Water Cycle; Where does all the water go? by Prof. Owen Fenton & Dr Daire O hUallacháin, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 15 presentations here and here.
Week 16 – Water Quality – LAWPRO by Ruth Hennessy, Local Authority Waters ProgrammeWatch HereDownload Webinar 16 presentation here.
Week 17 – Water Quality – ASSAP by Joe Crockett, Dairy Sustainability Ireland and Noel Meehan, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 17 presentations
here and here.
Week 18 – The Impact of Climate Change on Our Weather Systems by Keith Lambkin Met EireannWatch HereDownload Webinar 18 presentation here.
Week 19 – Climate Adoption Policy by Damien Wise, DAFM & Dr Michael O’Donovan, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 19 presentations
here and here.
Week 20 – Carbon Sequestration in Temperate Grasslands by Donal O’Brien, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 20 presentation here.
Week 21 – Woodlands for Water by Kevin Collins, DAFMWatch HereDownload Webinar 21 presentation here.
Week 22 – The role of renewable energy; How we can improve the efficiency of energy usage on farm by Dr John Upton & Barry Caslin, Teagasc.Watch HereDownload Webinar 22 presentations
here and here.
Week 23 – Nature of Irish Hedgerows by Catherine Keena, Teagasc.Watch Here Download Webinar 23 presentation here.
Week 24 – Supporting Pollinators through Agri-Environmental Interventions by Lorna Cole, SRUC, ScotlandWatch HereDownload Webinar 24 presentations here and here.
Week 25 – Biodiversity on farmland: current status, policy impacts, farm-scales responses by John Finn & Dr Daire O hUallacháin, Teagasc.Watch HereDownload Webinar 25 presentations here and here.
Week 26 – Natural Capital on Irish Farmland by Jane Stout, Trinity CollegeWatch HereDownload Webinar 26 presentation here.
Week 27 – Semi-natural grasslands in Ireland – precious resources under threat by Maria Long, NPWSWatch HereDownload Webinar 27 presentation here.
Week 28 – What impacts the quality of water in Agricultural Catchments Programme? by Per-Erik Mellander, Agricultural Catchments ProgrammeWatch Here Download Webinar 28 presentation here.
Week 29 – 11 years of Hi-resolution water monitoring by David Ryan, Technologist, Agricultural Catchments ProgrammeComing SoonDownload Webinar 29 presentation here.
Week 30 – The Agricultural Catchments Programme assessment of the Nitrates Derogation by Edward Burgess, Agricultural Catchments ProgrammeWatch Here Not Yet Available
Week 31 – Animal breeding as a cumulative and permanent strategy to environmental stewardship by Donagh Berry, Centre Director, VistaMilkWatch Here Download Webinar 31 presentation here.
Week 32 – The Economics of catchment management, linking science and farmer behaviour in the ACP by Michele McCormack, Agricultural Catchments ProgrammeWatch HereDownload Webinar 32 presentation here.
Week 33 – MCPA herbicide: New insights from catchment-scale research in North -West by Philip Jordan, Ulster University Watch HereDownload Webinar 33 presentation here.
Week 34 – Creating & Shaping the development of Irelands Bioeconomy by Patrick Barrett, Department of Agriculture Food and the MarineWatch HereDownload Webinar 34 presentation here.
Week 35 – Smart Food Solutions – One Health…… from Soil to Society – Using Good Science to Proactively improve Human & Environmental health by John Gilliland, DevenishWatch HereDownload Webinar 35 presentation here.
Week 36 – Growing Hedges for a sustainable future & the Launch of Teagasc Hedgerow week 2020 by Minister Pippa Hackett and Catherine Keena, TeagascWatch HereDownload Webinar 36 presentation here.
Week 37 – Measuring & Mapping Hedges by Stuart Green, Teagasc Watch HereDownload Webinar 37 presentation here.
Week 38 – Emerging trends in EU policy – CAP, Green Deal, Farm to Fork by Alan Matthews, Trinity College, Dublin Watch HereDownload Webinar 38 presentation here.