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The Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS II) Tranche 25 opened on 15th January and will close on Friday, 8th April 2022.

Tranche 26 will open on Saturday, 9th April and close on Friday, 1st July 2022.

Additional tranches may be announced at a later date.

When discussing applications with their clients, TAMS II agents and advisors need to ensure they have the most up-to-date version of TAMS II Term & Conditions and reference costings.

Scheme Payments Update (up to 4th March 2022)

  • There have been 48,317 approvals issued to farmers since the scheme’s inception. Of these, 27,636 payment applications have been submitted.
  • The total payment amount made to the scheme participants to date: €331.88m plus €11.513m Transitional Spend = €343.394m.

All farmers who have completed approved works and have payment claims outstanding in relation to TAMS II are reminded to submit them to the Department’s online system as soon as the works are completed to facilitate the prompt issue of payments.

More information on Scheme Payments here.

Image Credit: NRN

Source: DAFM