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The National Rural Network, in association with Teagasc ConnectED, Dairy Sustainability Ireland, and Food Drinks Ireland Skillnet, is currently hosting a series of online webinars called the Signpost Series. The webinars are aimed towards those with interest in the environment, sustainability, climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions, along with the impact these have on agriculture, and the science-based solutions and policies to help mitigate the negative effects and encourage the positive effects.

To the end of October, we have held 31 webinars covering various topics from agricultural policy, soil fertility, climate change, the MACC, water quality, forestry, energy, and biodiversity.

Semi-natural grasslands, the Agricultural Catchments Programme, and Animal Breeding were the focus of the October webinars. As agriculture is the country’s primary land use, farmers are responsible for farming in a sustainable manner to protect and enhance habitats and key resources. How we farm and manage the landscape has an impact on the environment. The webinars discussed the challenges and opportunities that Irish farmers face.

  • Maria Long, Grassland Ecologist, NPWS, presented ‘Semi-natural grasslands in Ireland.’
  • Per-Erik Mellander, Chief Scientist for the Agricultural Catchments Programme, presented ‘What impacts the quality of water in Agricultural Catchments Programme.’
  • David Ryan, Technologist for the Agricultural Catchments Programme, presented ’11 years of Hi-resolution water monitoring’.
  • Edward Burgess, Agricultural Catchments Programme, presented on ‘The Agricultural Catchments Programme assessment of the Nitrates Derogation.’
  • Donagh Berry, Centre Director, VistaMilk, presented ‘Animal breeding as a cumulative and permanent strategy to environmental stewardship-VistaMilk.’

Replay recordings here.

Image Source: NRN

Source: NRN

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