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The RURALIZATION project at NUI Galway and the National Rural Network are hosting an online conference on Monday 14 December, 2-4.15pm. The conference brings together speakers to explore how we can enable our future farmers gain access to farmland and the farming sector. This conference should be of interest to a wide audience including policymakers, the farming community, researchers, farming and rural development organisations.

Among the aims of the four year RURALIZATION project is to identify and assess innovative ways to facilitate new entrants into farming, succession and to access farmland. There are many complex issues impacting generational renewal, such as farm viability, ease of farm transferability and the need for greater succession planning. The attractiveness of farming can also be an issue. Becoming a farmer can look unattractive compared to better-paid occupations that offer potential for greater work-life-balance. Access to land is a major problem, particularly for new entrants, which is impacted by issues such as land availability and high farmland prices.

RURALIZATION focuses on ways to overcome rural regeneration issues and support generational renewal. More broadly, RURALIZATION investigates how rural areas can offer increased opportunities to new generations as a place to live and work, triggering a process of ‘ruralisation’ as a counterforce to urbanisation.

Register for the conference here.

Source: NUI Galway and NRN

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