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The Pearl Mussel EIP-AGRI Project has published the third in their series of educational resource packs for primary school children.

This EIP-AGRI project aims to design and implement a voluntary results-based agri-environmental scheme that will help improve the quality of watercourses to protect the endangered freshwater pearl mussel.

This latest education pack is focused on providing children with an insight into the Pearl Mussel Project, its aims and how it works. This resource can be used as an interactive story map, downloaded as a document or viewed as a video on YouTube.

The project has previously released two other education packs for primary school children, covering the Freshwater Pearl Mussel and the importance of biodiversity. All three education packs are now available here.

The Pearl Mussel Project has also recently released their annual report for the period June 2020 to June 2021. More information on this report can be found here.

More information on the Pearl Mussel Project is available here.

Image Credit: Pearl Mussel Project

Source: Pearl Mussel Project