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The National Rural Network (NRN) launched the ‘LEADER Programme 2014-2020 Case Studies from Ireland’ booklet in November 2021, showcasing 72 inspirational LEADER projects located throughout Ireland. To highlight a selection of the case studies featured within the booklet, the NRN is running a bi-weekly social media initiative, on Friday mornings.

Recently promoted on the NRN Facebook and Twitter channels were two projects funded under the LEADER theme of the Rural Environment:

  • On pages 80-85 of the booklet, you can read about the Coastal Explorers Programme in Co. Donegal. LEADER funding supported the Inishowen Basking Shark Study Group to run a training programme which set out to engage young people aged 14–17 from the Inishowen Peninsula to explore and learn more about their local marine environment.
  • On pages 74-76, you can read about how LEADER funding supported the Westport Beekeepers Association, in Co. Mayo, to purchase beekeeping equipment as well as a variety of hives for training purposes.

The booklet is freely available to view here.

Image Credit: NRN

Source: NRN