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‘Farming for Nature: The Role of Results-Based Payments’ is a book that collates several Irish experiences of developing and applying results-based approaches for the conservation of farmland biodiversity.

The book, published by National Parks & Wildlife Service and Teagasc in 2020, brings together the experience and expertise of 17 contributors working in the agri-ecology space in Ireland, both in policy and in practice. It examines the experience with applying a results-based approach to Agri-Environmental Schemes (AES), for which Ireland is seen as a leader, and how this approach can be taken forward in future, both in Ireland and further afield.

The principle aim of the book is to document and present the findings and lessons learnt from a collection of innovative case-studies of the best Irish locally led result-based agri-environment schemes to date. The book aims to drill down into the actual practicalities of designing and delivering results-based AES, within the larger framework of ‘farming for conservation’.

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Source: National Parks & Wildlife Service

Image Source: NRN

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