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The NEWBIE network is a Horizon 2020 project addressing the challenge of enabling new entrants to farming to successfully establish sustainable farm businesses in Europe. The NEWBIE network brings together new entrants, successors, advisors, researchers, important regional, national actors and relevant stakeholders in national networks, to deal with issues of concern to new entrants. New entrants face many barriers such as access to land, labour, capital, markets and knowledge. Through a series of discussion circles, case studies, international exchanges and competitions, NEWBIE will identify methods of overcoming these barriers and share them with future new entrants.

The NEWBIE New Entrant competition 2020 is now open for applications. This competition is open to new entrants of any age, in any agricultural enterprise or farm related businesses, who have started their business since 2014. The competition is looking for entries from newcomers to farming, successors to existing farms, farmers who have diversified, and farmers who have changed farming enterprise. The competition is a great way to gain recognition and showcase their businesses. The prize includes €500 towards training or a foreign study trip, a video of the farm, and a plaque for display on-farm.

Entries can be made online until Friday October 9th at: bit.ly/2QkhCak

Source: Horizon 2020

Image source: Horizon 2020

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