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The National Rural Network Biodiversity Farmer of the Year Award celebrates farmers who are safeguarding the environment by protecting and enhancing nature on their farms. Farmers are becoming increasingly aware of the vital role biodiversity has on their farms. Biodiversity plays an essential role in maintaining soil health, conserving flora and fauna, pollinating plants, and contributing to food production. The main image shows Alan Doyle from Co. Kilkenny, the 2019 NRN Biodiversity Farmer of the Year and 2019 FBD Young Farmer Drystock Category Winner.

The closing date for applications to the 2020 FBD Young Farmer of the Year Competition was 4th September 2020. All applications were subject to County interview rounds. Those successful in the County interviews will be invited to the semi-finals. Interviews for the semi-finals were scheduled for late October. The final is scheduled to occur on Tuesday 24th November; further details are to be confirmed.

The National Rural Network wishes all applicants the best of luck in the competition and looks forward to selecting a winner for the NRN Biodiversity Farmer of the year award.

Image source: NRN

Source: NRN

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