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Nature Award

The National Farming for Nature Ambassador Awards 2020, sponsored by Bord Bia’s ‘Origin Green’, is now open for nominations until the 31st of March 2020. This inspiring initiative, supported by the NRN, is now in its third year and aims to source and share stories of farmers across Ireland who are adjudged to be managing their land and livestock in a way that really benefits nature in their area.

To nominate a farmer for this award, please complete the online application form on the Farming for Nature website: https://www.farmingfornature.ie/awards/nomination/

For more information about this award please visit: https://www.farmingfornature.ie/2020/01/13/farming-for-nature-ambassador-awards-2020-nominations-now-open/ and/or contact Brigid on info@farmingfornature.ie

Source: NRN

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