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LEADER funding is continuing to reach communities and is recognised as a “vital support” in developing our rural areas as stated by Sean Canney, Minister of State for Natural Resources, Community Affairs and Digital Development. For example, just in the past month a number of Galway based projects have drawn down over €300,000 worth of LEADER funding which will be used to support a vast array of projects, including biodiversity projects, upgrading works and walkways at a number of GAA clubs. An additional  €130,000 worth of LEADER funding has also been allocated to projects in Donegal, bringing the total value of LEADER funding drawn to date to over €7m in Donegal, as reported by Highland Radio.

Monaghan Integrated Development also announced an additional €300,000 for LEADER projects in Monaghan and Louth LEADER Partnership announced an additional  €194,000 for an on-farm renewable energy project, funded through the LEADER Food Initiative.

While this is the last year in the current LEADER Programme there is still time to apply for LEADER funding. To find your Local Action Group and enquire about the availability of LEADER funding in your area see here.

Source: NRN

Image Source: NRN

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