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In April, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published details of Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 for companies in the EU emissions trading system. The notable points included in the data show that greenhouse gas emissions from Irish power generations and industrial companies fell by 8.7% in 2019.

The EPA stated that the fall in emissions is due to a significant drop in power generation emissions, at approximately 12.3%, resulting from the strong presence of renewable energy, such as wind energy, and a lower reliance on fossil fuels.

Emissions decreased by 65% from the ESB coal-fired plant at Moneypoint due to the availability of renewables. Aside from power generation, the decrease in industrial emissions collectively is 3%.

• Cement industries recorded a 2% decrease overall;
• Dairy industry showed a 3% decrease; and
• Emissions from pharmachem industries also decreased by 0.4%.

For more information visit EPA.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency
Image Source: Environmental Protection Agency

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