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Image Credit: NRN

Image Credit: NRN

Try-out the short quiz available on our website to test your knowledge on our favourite pollinators: bees!

Check out the Actions to help Pollinators manuals available for farmers, local authorities, schools, gardeners, community groups and businesses. Let’s learn how to create an Ireland where pollinator populations can bloom!

Did you know?

  • There are 98 different species of bees in Ireland.
  • Bumblebees are particularly attracted to pollen and nectar rich plants in the blue-purple colour range; and
  • Some plants we think of as weeds like bramble, clovers, thistles, ivy, nettles and dandelions provide an important source of food for all types of pollinators.

All correct entries are entered into a draw for 2 x National Ploughing Championship 2020 Tickets (subject to event taking place).

Source: pollinators.ie and NRN

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