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Image source: NRN

Image source: NRN

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine are now accepting applications for the Beef Environmental Efficiency Programme (BEEP-S). The BEEP-S Programme opened on March 12th and will close for applications on May 15th 2020. All applications are to be submitted online.

BEEP-S will target the weaning efficiency of suckler cows and calves – measuring the live weight of the calf at weaning as a percentage of the cow’s live weight. In recognition of the important role of animal health and welfare in economic and environmental efficiency, participants in the programme will also be encouraged to implement a number of optional health and welfare measures.

Programme participants will be eligible for a payment up to €90 for the first 10 suckler cow/calf pairs in the herd, and up to €80 per suckler cow/calf pair thereafter per ceiling of 100 suckler cow/calf pairs per herd.

The BEEP-S payments are fully funded by the National Exchequer.  This programme along with other schemes funded through the Rural Development Programme such as the Beef Data Genomics Programmes are helping to increase the efficiency on beef farms and reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions on farms.

See information on Programme Actions and Terms & Conditions.

Source: DAFM

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