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The NRN recently held an informative webinar on the Carbon Sequestration Potential of Irish Soils. The webinar included presentations provided by Lilian O’Sullivan, Research Officer, Teagasc and Young Tillage Farmer, Walter Furlong Jnr. from Co. Wexford and was moderated by Aoife Smith, NRN.

Lilian addressed how the sequestration potential of different soil types, depending on land use and management, can enhance carbon sinks or become emitters.

Walter provided heartening insights into how cover cropping measures have increased organic matter across his tillage enterprise, reduced fertiliser costs, and improved soil health overall.

Over 135 participants registered for the webinar, and the interest was reflected in the Q&A session. The webinar was recorded will be uploaded to the NRN YouTube channel, and the presentations will be available on the NRN website in the coming days.

Recordings are coming soon here.

Source/Image Source: National Rural Network