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UK & Ireland Cooperation Conference: 20/21 March 2019 – Glasgow

Apr 3, 2019 | LEADER News

The Rural Networks of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland brought together over 60 participants in a unique, collaborative LEADER Cooperation workshop in Glasgow last week.

The event, which was attended by representatives from 30 Local Action Groups (LAGs) in each of the four countries, not only offered valuable networking opportunities, but provided a space for actual partnership formation and project development for co-operation projects.

The workshops were designed to offer groups an opportunity to:

  • Meet and share experiences of LEADER Cooperation
  • Learn from case examples of LEADER Cooperation under a number of common project themes to help improve the quality of project delivery and outcomes
  • Identify opportunities to find new partnerships that will enhance projects currently in the project development or assessment pipeline.

To view the full conference report and cooperation offers; please click the link below:

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