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‘LEADER and the Bioeconomy’ 2021 Booklet

Oct 22, 2021 | LEADER News

The National Rural Network (NRN) has today published the ‘LEADER and the Bioeconomy’ 2021 Booklet, showcasing 10 bioeconomy projects and initiatives throughout Ireland, which have been supported by the LEADER Programme 2014-2020 (extended to 2022), as part of Bioeconomy Ireland Week 2021.

‘LEADER and the Bioeconomy’ 2021 Booklet

Bioeconomy Ireland Week is an annual event taking place this year from the 18th-24th of October, comprising hands-on workshops, networking events, insightful discussions and interactive activities, to highlight and raise awareness of Ireland’s rapidly growing bioeconomy. The bioeconomy covers all sectors and systems that rely on biological resources (animals, plants, micro-organisms and derived biomass, including organic waste), their functions and principles. An informative Bioeconomy Glossary of Terms can be found within the booklet.

The LEADER Programme can play a vital role in the development and enhancement of the bioeconomy, evidenced by the various projects and initiatives in this booklet, through its locally-led, ‘bottom-up’ approach to meeting the needs of rural communities and enterprises. Realising the true potential of the bioeconomy in rural Irish society through innovative bio-based projects and initiatives has the potential to assist Ireland’s transition to a low-carbon economy, and could also greatly improve the quality of life for people in rural areas through increased employment opportunities, as well as other substantial environmental and socio-economic benefits.

To view the booklet in full, please see here.

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