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ENRD LEADER Thematic Group (TG) Report

Jun 7, 2022 | LEADER News

ENRD LEADER Thematic Group

The highlights report from the 1st meeting of the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) LEADER Thematic Group (TG) aimed at ensuring that the seven LEADER principles are fully adopted and delivered in local development by every Local Action Group (LAG) in each EU Member State under their respective CAP Strategic Plans is now available on the ENRD website. Please see here.

The seven LEADER principles cover: public-private partnership, territorial approach based on sub-regional areas, integrated local development strategy, bottom-up management, cooperation, networking and innovation in the local context.  This report highlights the discussions and exchanges that took place between LEADER experts from across the EU on a range of agenda items including the questions of: what qualifies as ‘non-implementation’ of the seven LEADER principles, and what are the key factors affecting (both ‘blocking’ and conducive to) the application of the seven LEADER principles in practice.

More information on this LEADER Thematic Group can be found here.


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