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2023-2027 LEADER Programme Community Consultations

Mar 29, 2023 | LEADER News

2023-2027 LEADER Programme

Image Credit: Department of Rural and Community Development

In-late 2022, the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys, announced details of the 46 applicant groups who were successful under Stage 1 of the 2023-2027 LEADER programme. Successful applicants have now moved on to Stage 2 which involves the development of LEADER Local Development Strategies. These strategies will support sustainable development in rural communities right across rural Ireland. You can view the full list of groups who have moved forward to develop their strategies here.

Community consultations on the design and focus of Local Development Strategies for the 2023-2027 LEADER period are now commencing, and are ongoing throughout the country. Community/ voluntary groups, individuals, and small businesses are invited to attend to give their views and priorities, and to help shape the future of the next LEADER programme in their areas.

A ‘Guidance on LEADER Local Development Strategy’ document can be freely viewed / downloaded here. More information on the 2023-2027 LEADER programme is available on the Department of Rural and Community Development website here.

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