The SMARTA (Smart Rural Transport Areas) project has recently ended. This two-year project, initiated by the European Parliament and managed under DG-MOVE, focused on how to exploit existing mobility policies and practices in European rural areas. It also explored ways to support sustainable shared mobility interconnected with public transport. The project worked with a cluster of sites in rural areas across Europe, including Kilkenny in Ireland. Kilkenny’s participation in the project centred on the establishment of an innovative set of linked initiatives that provide a platform for integration of scheduled public transport and other forms of rural shared mobility.


The main outputs from the SMARTA project can be found below:

  • SMARTA Video (c. 6 minutes):

Aim: Provide an overview of SMARTA project and key messages in easily-accessible visual format


  • SMARTA Policy Recommendations

Aim: Provide the European Commission, the European Parliament, and other relevant stakeholders and policymakers with policy recommendations for sustainable shared mobility and public transport in European rural areas

Link of the publication:

  • SMARTA Final Conference:

Aim: Present and disseminate the main results and outcomes achieved to different stakeholders interested in the rural mobility domain. The event was held on 10-11th December 2020 as a virtual event, under the theme “Rural Mobility Matters-Developing Smart Rural Transport Areas”.

Link where to find the recordings:

  • SMARTA Evaluation Report

Aim: Present the key findings of the SMARTA evaluation of 14 pilot sites (5 SMARTA pilot sites, 4 SMARTA 2 pilot sites, and 5 in-depth Good Practices)

The link of the Report will be available soon

  • SMARTA Webinar series:

Aim: Share and discuss important issues about rural mobility with pilot sites, transport authorities, and relevant stakeholders.

Link where to find the recordings:

  • SMARTA Insight Papers

Aim: Analyse the European policies and frameworks for rural shared mobility in the EU countries


  • SMARTA Good Practices:

Aim: Analyse key good practices in the rural shared mobility domain


  • SMARTA Report on rural Good Practices:

Aim: Presents the key findings from the SMARTA analysis of Good Practices (GPs) in rural mobility


More information on the SMARTA project can be found on their website. Please see: