The NRN produce a number of LEADER newsletters every year, along with their regular quarterly newsletters, to keep everyone updated on all things LEADER. This latest issue contains a number of items pertaining to LEADER including an update on how the LEADER programme (2014-2020) is progressing and importantly, delves into the LEADER concept and how it works to help people develop their own projects that are eligible for LEADER funding.

LEADER Newsletter

This issue also includes a step by step guide for those interested in applying for LEADER funding and walks people through the different stages involved in the application process. This latest issue also points to a number of resources that are hosted on the NRN website which can help people, communities and organisations to develop their own LEADER projects. These include an Implementing Partner (IP) and Local Action Group (LAG) database which acts as a ‘one stop shop’ to allow people to identify their nearest IP and LAG to help them kick-start and develop their LEADER projects in tandem with their Local Development Strategies.

Other resources include storyboards, case studies, a new case study booklet and a new LEADER video series so that people can get inspiration and see what is possible for their own projects and communities from LEADER funding. To view the newsletter in full please click here.