LEADER Co-operation Local Action Groups (LAGs) in France and Spain are currently looking for partners for LEADER Cooperation projects on rural hubs and on developing a ‘Smart Village’ approach for the Basque region in Spain. 

Rural hubs in France are often called ‘third places’ which are physical spaces that perform a series of communities functions between work and home. This particular project is focused on engaging rural youth in how to use and develop rural hubs to help them integrate economically and socially to rural areas in order to fight depopulation of rural areas.

While the Medinet LAG in Spain is seeking cooperation from any LAG that has developed or is developing a smart village strategy, in order to transform the rural areas of the Basque Country into smart territories.

To find the full details of these projects visit the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) Partner Search tool which allows Local Action Groups (LAGs) to create cooperation offers and find project partners, available at- https://bit.ly/2LVrjgR.