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Source: McCauley Woodfuels Limited

“Certified woodchip and firewood supply company based in County Leitrim”


McCauley Woodfuels Limited is a biomass wood fuel business based in Mohill, County Leitrim. The demand for woodchip biomass has been growing year on year and could not be sustained by McCauley Wood Fuels’ current processing capacity. McCauley Woodfuels sought LEADER funding to purchase a new mobile biomass wood chipper. This has allowed them to increase their processing capacity, flexibility, and allows them to partake in more reliable and efficient wood chipping.


Economic impacts for McCauley Woodfuels and other local businesses  

This project has allowed McCauley Wood Fuels to expand its client base in the North West region and its core base across Ireland. This has resulted in a boost to the local economy also in sourcing raw materials from the local Western Forestry Cooperative and also the increased business to local hauliers who transport material.

Environmental impacts

The presence of McCauley Wood Fuels in the region also stimulates a market for wood biomass and aids a move away from carbon-based fuels. For example, a number of local businesses have installed wood fuelled biomass boilers because of the availability of a local supply of woodchip biomass.

Business reputation

These developments have also boosted McCauley Woodfuels profile in the forestry and biomass sector in Ireland. The woodchip biomass industry is a relatively small industry and the new machine has helped to contribute to their positive reputation.

This project was supported as part of the LEADER Programme 2014-2020 under Theme 3: Rural Environment and sub-theme Renewable Energy. The Local Action Group is Leitrim LCDC and the Implementing Partner is Leitrim Development Company.

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