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University of Galway Rural Voices Seminar & RURALIZATION Conference

Nov 24, 2022 | Farm Viability News

Image Credit: University of Galway Rural Studies Centre

Image Credit: University of Galway Rural Studies Centre

The University of Galway Rural Studies Centre’s Rural Voices Seminar Series in collaboration with the RURALIZATION Horizon 2020 Project held a national conference entitled ‘Pathways towards Generational Renewal in Farming and Rural Areas’ on the 27th of October 2022.

Generational renewal relates to the level of young people, and more broadly new generations, living and working in farming and rural areas. It is a key part of the sustainability challenge facing European rural areas and farms. We need to better understand the key levers to support improved rural generational renewal and regeneration, as well as the barriers inhibiting this process.

This 2-hour conference presented research conducted in the Irish context on this topic as part of the wider European Horizon 2020 RURALIZATION project, and also reflected on the policy implications of the results. The discussion also engaged with the issue of farm generational renewal and the wider question of facilitating new generations in rural areas.

A recording of this conference can be found here.

Source: University of Galway Rural Studies Centre

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