The NRN Women in Agriculture Video Series Makes the Airwaves

May 3, 2022 | Farm Viability News

NRN Women in Agriculture Lead Researcher with the NRN, and Rural Geographer at the National University of Ireland Galway, Dr. Maura Farrell, has been speaking on the airwaves this week about the newly launched NRN Women in Agriculture Video Series.

Speaking on Community Radio Castlebar (CRCfm), Dr. Maura Farrell, stated that the video series aims “to show the strength of women in agriculture”. This series features five farmers from across Ireland and across the different sectors of Irish agriculture who speak to their experiences of farming in contemporary Ireland.

The farmers involved include Sinead Conry, a Pedigree breeder from Roscommon; Deirdre Divilly a dairy farmer from Galway; Margaret Edgill an organic farmer based in county Offaly; Aoife Forde, a suckler farmer, who farms in the Burren in County Clare; and finally, Daphne Scott a sheep farmer who also runs her own dog grooming, boarding kennels and mobile pet farm under the name Precious Pets in Co. Cavan.

To listen to the full interview detailing the series and the current situation for women in agriculture in Ireland, listen here.

To view the videos already released and view upcoming videos as part of the series, visit the NRN Youtube Channel at:

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