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Nominations for the 5th National Farming for Nature Ambassador Awards are now open!

The Farming for Nature initiative attempts to encourage a positive relationship between farming systems and the natural environment. The National Farming For Nature Ambassador Awards are a reflection of this as they aim to show appreciation for farmers who are tackling biodiversity and climate challenges with nature based solutions.

National Farming For Nature Ambassador Awards

Nominations are open to farmers who:

  • Have made significant contributions to the protection of nature on their farm or in their locality.
  • Are farming in an agriculturally, economically and socially progressive manner.
  • Strive to share their passion with others (for example, through the media, farm walks etc.).
  • Have a record of engagement with stakeholders.
  • Are farming a minimum of one hectare and are producing agricultural products for sale.
  • Have not been a recipient of the award in previous years.

Nominations may include individuals, couples or farm families.

Deadline for nomination submission is 14th February 2022.

Further information and nomination forms are available here.