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SUAS Pilot Project Welcomes Visiting Group from Northern Germany

Jul 13, 2022 | EIP-AGRI News

The SUAS Pilot Project is a European Innovation Partnership (EIP) which aims to address some of the complex challenges associated with the land management of commonages and hill farms in the Wicklow/Dublin uplands.

SUAS Pilot Project

A group of 37 people, made up of farmers, industry, journalists and other interested parties, from the northern German areas of Lower Saxony and Bremen, recently participated in a 6-day study trip to Ireland. The multi-activity itinerary incorporated visits to organisations, farmland, producers and a number of other stops to collectively broaden the knowledge of Ireland’s agriculture and agri-food sectors and the systems that support them.

Interested to discover how the SUAS Project is working collaboratively with hill-farmers across 25 sites in the Wicklow and Dublin uplands, the group were keen to hear about, and learn from, the model of aligning conservation of upland habitats with sustainable grazing and land management practices.

For more information on the SUAS Pilot Project, see here.

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