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Minister Pippa Hackett Praises the Pioneering Work of the Inagh EIP Project

Feb 23, 2023 | EIP-AGRI News

Minister Pippa Hackett

A very warm welcome was received by Minister Pippa Hackett for the opening of the Inagh EIP opening Seminar. The Inagh EIP-AGRI Project, which has its headquarters in West Clare, is implementing a method of farming that is catchment-sensitive in order to enhance the quality of the water and the biodiversity of the Upper Inagh River.

On Saturday 3 December 2022, the Inagh EIP-AGRI Project organised a seminar and farm visits along with guest speakers to discuss the ways in which it has worked with regional farmers and to establish a vision in the Upper Inagh River Catchment to promote catchment-sensitive farming and forestry practices.

The latest information about the success of the Inagh EIP project is available on their Facebook page here.

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