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‘Lighthouse Farms’ – Guiding Farms Help Improve Soil and Increase Yields

Feb 23, 2023 | EIP-AGRI News

Lighthouse Farms

In 2022, Talamh Beo launched a soil biodiversity project with 16 Irish farms to help understand soil processes and revitalise dormant or damaged soils. In a knowledge transfer group, farmers tested and documented technical and physical improvements and then shared their experiences. These farms have become ‘Lighthouse Farmers’ by teaching other farmers in their region how to enhance their soil and yields through soil education workshops, research, and experiments. The goal was to increase public awareness of science and biodiversity degradation, focusing on soil biodiversity as this degrades our most valuable natural resource – soil.

Building an understanding among farmers and the broader community of the tools and options available for promoting soil biodiversity is the first step towards converting our agriculture to a system that grows soils and enhances the quality of the foods that these produce. Biodiversity above ground is intrinsically tied to the diversity of our soils; therefore, beginning with the soil is genuinely starting from the bottom up.

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