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Minister McConalogue Opens €8 million National Liming Programme

Apr 26, 2023 | Climate Change News

€8 million National Liming Programme

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue, has announced the opening of the National Liming Programme 2023, with funding of €8 million.

The National Liming Programme was an initiative secured by Minister McConalogue as part of Budget 2023 with the aim of assisting farmers to deal with input costs and help them reduce the need for artificial fertilisers.

High annual rainfall along with our crop and livestock production can remove lime from our soils. Results from the Teagasc Soil Fertility Report in 2022 indicate that while soil fertility nationally has improved it is still estimated that up to 57% of our soils require lime.

With overall increases in input costs over the last year, the Liming Programme will ensure that the price of lime is not an impediment to its purchase and application, where soil analysis reports indicate that lime is required.

For futher information, see here.

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