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€500,000 in Funding for Community-Led Peatland Projects

Apr 26, 2023 | Climate Change News

€500,000 in Funding for Community-Led Peatland Projects

Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform, Malcolm Noonan, announced that a fund of up to €500,000 is now open for applications, to support community-led projects as part of the Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme 2023.

As the largest store of carbon in the Irish landscape, peatlands have a critically important part to play in Ireland’s efforts to combat climate change. Peatland restoration also brings significant additional benefits, such as enriched biodiversity, increased natural capital, and improved water quality and flood attenuation.

The Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme is designed to encourage local peatland communities, groups, schools and other interested parties to play a part in the conservation and revitalisation of raised and blanket bogs – particularly protected bogs and fens – and to promote public engagement with and awareness of our natural heritage and environment.

Applications are welcomed across a diverse range of peatland initiatives that offer a community benefit, including events, education programmes, conservation management plans, restoration measures, feasibility studies, public amenity and recreational projects, plans to deal with invasive species, and fire control measures.

For more in information, see here.

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