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Almost 80% of Actions Under Climate Action Plan Completed, but Upward Emissions Trend Continues

Mar 29, 2023 | Climate Change News

Climate Action Plan

Image Credit: Government of Ireland

Ireland has completed almost 80% of the actions outlined in the 2021 Climate Action Plan. The fourth and final progress report on the plan was published Tuesday, February 28, and states that 760 out of 965 measures have been completed, equalling a delivery rate of 64% for quarter four (Q4) of 2022. Despite Ireland’s efforts emissions are still rising with 2022 being Ireland’s hottest year on record, according to Met Éireann.

The 2021 Climate Action Plan demonstrates that Ireland is making steady progress, but the scale of the climate crisis means that there is a need to continue to respond this year and over following years with even more urgency, more innovation and more collaboration and partnership to ensure that climate action makes people’s lives, not just more sustainable, but better and more viable.

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Source : Department of the Taoiseach

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