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Results-Based Agri-environmental Pilot Project (REAP) Assessments

Sep 24, 2021 | Biodiversity News

REAP Assessments

REAP is a pilot project designed to trial the results-based model at a national level to test the feasibility of upscaling the model as part of the next national agri-environmental scheme to follow the Green Low-carbon Agri-environmental Scheme (GLAS). The project was launched in April of this year and is one of the transitional measures for Irish farming, using funding secured by the Minister for environmental initiatives.

Just under 5,000 participants received approval for entry to the REAP. It is anticipated that up to 37,000 ha may be brought into the project. The land included in the REAP was assessed and scored by DAFM trained REAP Advisors to establish a land environmental and biodiversity status. Advisors had to submit REAP assessments and land scoring by mid-August.

Farmers will undertake environmental improvement works to increase the ecological value of their land to improve their environmental score in 2022. The REAP will support farm incomes by providing up to €12,600 to participating farms over the term of the REAP contract.

More information on REAP here.

Image Source: NRN

Source: NRN & DAFM

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