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(REAP) – Results Based Environment – Agri Pilot Project

Jun 18, 2021 | Biodiversity News

Results Based Environment Farmers had the opportunity to submit an application to participate in an exciting and innovative new pilot pre-programme, the Results Based Environment – Agri Pilot Project (REAP). The pilot scheme is one of the transitional measures for Irish farming using the additional funding secured by the Minister this year for environmental initiatives.

The aim of the REAP scheme is to test the potential suitability of a results-based payment system at farm level and the feasibility of upscaling this model as part of the next national agri-environment scheme to follow on from GLAS. REAP participants can bring in land areas of between 2ha and 10ha of land which will be scored in year one to establish its environmental condition. Farmers, with their advisors, will undertake environmental improvement works on the land which should increase the environmental score in year two. REAP aims to focus on improving existing features rather than the creation of new features and habitats. Improvements in environmental scores will result in a higher payment to the farmer.

It is anticipated that farmers who choose the Low Input Grassland scorecard could receive an average payment of €4,500 with a maximum payment of up to €6,900. This results-based approach has the potential to deliver significant environmental and income gains and is expected to feature strongly as the flagship agri-environmental scheme under the new CAP. The REAP scheme will run until 2022.

More information visit: Results Based Environment Agri Pilot Programme.

Source DAFM & NRN


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