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Image source NRN & Content source DAFM & NRN

Image source NRN & Content source DAFM & NRN

The Organic Farming Scheme is now open for new applicants.

The Organic Farming Scheme is an agri-environment measure under the Department’s Rural Development Programme (RDP).

Farmers entering the scheme could qualify for yearly payments of up to €220 per hectare during the conversion period and up to €170 per hectare when they have achieved full organic status. The scheme, which reopened on February 9th, is part of the Programme for Government commitment to substantially increase the amount of organically farmed land in Ireland, which is currently at approx. 72,000ha.

There are some minor changes to the current scheme:

  • The area at which farmers will receive higher payment has been increased from 60 ha to 70 ha in recognition of the larger area farmed by full time farmers.
  • Extensively stocked farmers will now be in a position to receive a full Organic Farming Scheme payment provided they satisfy the minimum stocking levels that apply under the Area of Constraints Scheme.

How to apply:

  • The Scheme was opened to applications from all sectors from Wednesday, February 9th and it will remain open until Friday, April 8th, 2022.
  • Applications for the scheme must be made online through the Department’s online system agfood.ie.

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