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National Rural Network’s 4th Biodiversity Young Farmer of the Year Hails from Co. Roscommon

Nov 4, 2021 | Biodiversity News

Eanna Tiernan, a young beef farmer from Elphin Co. Roscommon, was this evening named the 2021 National Rural Network Biodiversity Farmer of the Year at this year’s FBD Young Farmer of the Year Awards. He farms almost 100 acres of leased land adjacent a special protected area (SPA) at Lough Gara, near the Curlew Mountains. The National Rural Network Biodiversity Farmer of the Year Award recognises a young farmer who is farming in a sustainable manner to protect the environment and actively tries to enhance the biodiversity potential of their farms.

Biodiversity Farmer of The Year

Congratulating the winner, Philip Farrelly of the National Rural Network said, “Throughout the semi-final and final rounds of this competition, the National Rural Network has been engaging with enthusiastic young farmers who have exhibited a passion for farming in a manner that protects and enhances the environment. Eanna was awarded the 2021 National Rural Network Biodiversity Farmer of the Year due to his passion, commitment, and enthusiasm for the nature his farm supports. That said, I would like to acknowledge the enthusiasm from all of the competition participants, each illustrating encouraging portraits of what their farms are doing for the environment.”

Commenting on receiving the Award, Eanna said, “I am delighted to have received this award and to be recognised for farming in a sustainable manner and encouraging biodiversity on my farm. My sole aim is to farm in conjunction with nature and protect the habitats on my farm. There are crannogs and fairy forts on the land, they were there a long time before me and hopefully remain for a long time after. I want to leave this land in the best condition I can so future generations can enjoy the history and nature that it is associated with. While farming the land, I take pride in embracing my role as a custodian of the land and protecting the environment.

“During the summer, the fields are full of colourful flowers and there are lots of different types of green foliage present, leaves of all shapes and sizes. In the winter, there are all kinds of birds, ducks and swans that come up from the lake into the grass to graze. I want to ensure that how I farm the land does not negatively impact the habitat,” said Eanna.


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