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National Liming Programme of €8M announced by Minister McConalogue

Mar 20, 2023 | Biodiversity News, Climate Change News

Budget 2023 The National Liming Programme initiative was secured aiming to assist farmers to deal with and help reduce the need for artificial fertilisers.

Research indicates that increasing soil pH leads to a reduction in Nitrous Oxide (N20) emissions thus increasing outputs of grass and other crops growth.

Minister McConalogue said, “Soil fertility is the foundation of a profitable and sustainable farm. As part of our response to the price increases in input costs, I am delighted to launch this new €8m National Liming Programme which will help offset part of the expense of using lime.

Lime is an important component of achieving balanced soil health, improving nutrient use efficiency and thereby reducing the requirements of chemical fertilisers and contributing to both climate and water targets. By having a balanced soil pH, we will reduce the need for artificial fertilisers which is good for the environment and good for the farmer’s pocket.” Farmers wishing to apply for the Liming Programme should apply through www.agfood.ie by the closing date of 20th April 2023.

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