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DAFM Announce Thematic Research Call 2023

Mar 9, 2023 | Biodiversity News, Climate Change News, EIP-AGRI News, Farm Viability News, LEADER News

DAFMA major call for research proposals across the agri-food, forest and bioeconomy sector was announced recently and opened by DAFM. 

Funding in the region of €20M is available to look at five areas such as:

  1. Climate Mitigation and Adaptation,
  2. Agri-Environment, Biodiversity water quality, Ecosystem services
  3. Smart, Sustainable Animal & Plant Production, Health & Welfare
  4. Bioeconomny, Rural Economy, Agri-Digitisation & Date
  5. Safe, Nutritious and Sustainable Food Processing and Consumption

Full details of the call specification can be viewed on the DAFM booklet to download: gov.ie – Research and Codex (www.gov.ie)

*Note:  Key Timelines for pre-approval template, information webinar etc on the booklet.

Submission deadline for full applications –  21st April 2023

Minister McConalogue has said that:

“We are a cutting-edge, forward-thinking, and innovative sector based on cutting-edge research. We are constantly seeking to evolve and develop in all aspects of the industry”

“The department’s Thematic Research Call aligns with the ambition of the National Research and Innovation Strategy, IMPACT 2030, for Ireland to become a world leader in research and innovation by facilitating transdisciplinary research, developing and nurturing research talent and creating new scientific knowledge and expertise which will support successful innovations.”

Those thematic research strands cover a diverse range of challenges and opportunities in the agri-food, forest and bio-based sectors.  A new suite of programmes include experimental research, cross-cutting and mission orientated approaches to key RDI challenges.

Also available here are details on Transnational Funding programmes currently OPEN and information on the Joint Programming Initiative a Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (JPI HDHL) which brings together 20 countries that align research programming and fund new research to prevent or minimise diet-related chronic diseases.

gov.ie – Research – TransNational Funding (www.gov.ie)

The deadline for submissions is 21st April 2023

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