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Award Winning Young Farmer Talks About Lessons from Results-Based Programme

Mar 29, 2023 | Biodiversity News

Award Winning Young Farmer

After winning Biodiversity Young Farmer of the Year 2021, Eanna Tiernan from Elphin, Co. Roscommon, explains what he has learned from participating in the pilot scheme REAP – a results based environment agri-programme.

Eanna farms 100 acres of leased farm land and implements various actions from the requirements of the REAP scheme.  Grazing management is the key factor for him as he is grazing into a wetland along the shores of Lough Gara (SPA).

Looking at the hedge cutting techniques and the introduction of ponds on this land have made significant benefits to biodiversity and habitats which are under crisis everywhere.

As part of the REAP scheme, identifying different species of grasses and flowers has given him great satisfaction and monitoring the improvements is very rewarding.

Recognition through the results based payments system together with winning the National Rural Network Biodiversity Farmer of the Year 2021 has meant a great deal to Eanna.  This recognition for improvements has encouraged him to implement further changes in his farming practices which will continue to be monitored in 2023 and hopefully will improve his scoring.

Eanna advises others to get involved in similar results based schemes and by transferring knowledge from farmer to farmer even in different farming sectors will continue to improve the overall viability of farming in the future.

View Eanna’s video here.

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